Lutske Veenstra graduated as a professional photographer at the Academy for Photography (www.fotohuis.nl) in 2006, exposing her work in Amsterdam. She assisted a number of great and renowned photographers during her time at the Academy. This way she worked her way into the world of fashion photography and now working all over Europe.

Demand for her work hasn`t stopped since.

Seeing all, showing more..

Being an internationally renowned fashion photographer, and working for multinational brands like Otazu and SAPPH, and with several celebrities (Yolanthe Cabau van Casbergen, Kim Feenstra, Waldemar Torenstra, Victoria Koblenko, Nigel de Jong, Nikkie Plessen) I have seen everything, but it always is my goal to show so much more.
In my studio work I will go beyond registering, scanning and presenting my models. Each photo shoot results in an unforgettable scene. In the memory of everyone on the set. From campaigns (including Otazu, HTC, SAPPH, Trinity, My Brand, Cavallaro) to publications in high-end magazines (including JFK, Men`s Health, Grazia, Avantgarde, Talkies, Winq, MATE, Life after Football) and exhibitions (Berlin, Amsterdam).

I have a love for confrontation. In roughness and directness. And in sincere nakedness. The human in its purest form, fully exposed to my camera. Like a canvas and a props at the same time. From there the artist in me starts painting, creating.

And it does not matter whether you live in front of the camera for many years or do this for the first time. I create an atmosphere in which all the fancy of the model world is lost. And just in that atmosphere I create unforgettable images of truly unique quality.

Lutske’s timeline:

  • 1983 Born in Stiens The Netherlands
  • 2006 Graduation Photo Academy Amsterdam
  • 2009 – 2012 Living and working in the Artists and Acrobatics scene of Berlin  (Under Construction in Base, Pater R. and Veenstra L. (Berlin 2009) ISBN 978-3-88178-373-6)
  • 2012 – now Living in and working from the agglomeration of Amsterdam

TV work:

  • 2008-2010 (NET5) Model in 1 Day (as a moderator and model scout)
  • 2012 (EO) Family Portrait
  • 2014-2015 (RTL) I make You a Supermodel (with Paul Fisher USA)
  • 2016 (RTL) Family KRUYS (with Linda de Mol)
  • 2017 (RTL) Holland’s next Top model